Friday, May 29, 2015

Third Time's A Charm?

I had grand plans for making the accordion folding glass doors for the beach bungalow. The original plan was to make folding doors.  Well, after some trial and error I got frustrated and decided to try something else.

On to plan B...I made frames for the plexiglass.

 I put a hole at the top and bottom of each frames to insert a small dowel.

 I made tracks at the top and bottom of the opening where the ends would sit. 

 The doors would then swivel and

slide all the way to one side.

The doors wouldn't slide nicely and kept falling out of the track. I first tried making the tracks out of wood, then I thought plastic would let them slide better because it was slick.  Neither worked well so I started over. 

 This time, I used 1/4" thick plexiglass.  I cut panels and again drilled a hole at the top and bottom of the panels. This time I didn't make a track, I just drilled holes at the top and bottom of the opening frame and now the doors will swivel, but don't slide out of the way. I think it's still a cool look.

 I left the plastic on the panels so that they wouldn't get dirty.

 I added a decorative metal panel to the left.

I finished the transom type windows for the left and right sides.  They even open. I texturized the outside walls with spray wall texture from the hardware store and painted the walls a dark gray.  I still need to add trim.  Now the question still remains...Will I make it modern or mid-century modern?  I'm still working on that decision. 



  1. The doors are amazing! I am constantly surprised by your ingenuity.

  2. Tu plan B está genial. Me encanta como ha quedado.

  3. Ok...I am loving the glass doors. You got my full attention...very innovative!!

  4. perfect solution and beautifully done. I vote for modern - having lived the fifties they hold no charm for me! Marilyn

  5. OH WOW!!!!! This looks FANTASTIC!!!! I love the way that this is coming together and the different techniques that you are incorporating. The operating windows are a Smashing Success! Love the textured paint idea too, but truly EVERYTHING is Impressive and I am feeling the breeze through those Marvelous Swivel windows even as I write this!
    Again.... WOW! :D


  6. Great doors, sometimes it takes a few tries to get it right, I'm glad you didn't give up =) (Like I tend to do...)

  7. I like them better. What do you use to cut the plexiglass? CM

  8. Great build and wonderful doors! Very ingenious!!