Thursday, February 25, 2016

Too Many Ideas

I got my 2016 HBS Contest kit - The Backyard Bungalow a few days ago.  When I first saw the kit online, I was uninspired because it just wan't my style. Quite frankly, It's still not my style, but I can make it into something that is.  I haven't opened it yet for dry fit it, but I have spent days drawing out different floor plans for a Tiny house. Even at my RL job I sneak in a doodle here and there.  For some reason I just can't get it right so I decided to go on Pinterest and Google Images for some ideas....well, now I have too many ideas and can't decide.  

See what I mean? Decisions, decisions, decisions.  Do I use one kit or two?  Do I use two and stack them on top of each other or next to each other?  I want to use two, but my work space is limited...My work room is in an attic and the side walls are only 4 feet tall. so storage and usable work space is at a premium. Do I use one and go out or up?  Who knew that a seemingly uninspiring kit could inspire so many ideas?


  1. veo que tienes un buen trabajo de investigacion por delante, seguro que con un poco de tiempo encontraras algo que te convezca



  2. I like the second one. Maybe a run down shack?

  3. Good luck i know you will narrow it down to something great


  4. I'm partial to the sixth one with the slatted wood and glass.

  5. They all look like places I would love to lay my head, I think no matter the inspiration your going to create some fab mod pod ;)

  6. haha, from no inspiration to too much! :D Don't know if it helps you, but what I do when I have several choices like these different housingideas, I take the first two, choose the one I like best between those 2, take that one and do the same with the next. So you can choose between a whole bunch of things, but only have to choose between two at a time. Don't know if you get what I mean, but it has always worked perfectly for me and that way it didn't matter how many I had to choose from. Good luck with choosing no matter how you go about it!