Saturday, August 1, 2015

Making a Splash - Creatin' Contest 20015

I started working on the pool area today.

The base is two layers of one inch construction foam.  I cut out the shape of the pool and bar area then lined them with 1/4" plywood so that there would be a nice smooth area to paint and put on the tile for the sides of the pool.

I drilled holes for the pool lights, then wired the lights between the two layers of foam.  Hint: You can buy LED lights really cheap from China on Ebay.

Then, I painted the bottom in a blight blue and papered the walls with  tile patterned scrapbook paper.

I used grommets for the lights.

 I will top it with this clear water embossed plastic that I got from Hong Hong Miniatures on Etsy.  I will install it after I make and install the bar stools for the swim up bar, but this gives you the idea of what it will look like.