Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pics of my Miniature Mid Century Mod template

There are some great links/blogs that I have been checking out recently that have inspired me to try this...

My First Blog - My original obsession with modern miniatures

   I've never blogged before so here it goes...
     My obsession with modern miniatures began about 12 or 13 years ago...before kids.  My husband bought me a doll house, a traditional doll house for Christmas.  I asked for this doll house so I could keep redecorating it rather than our real house.  I started on it by making authentic looking everything.  I laid tiny strips of wood flooring, made a ceiling light and everything I could think of to make this doll house modern. I traveled a lot for my job, so I made sure to drop in on every doll house miniature store in the midwest on a regular basis.  I had A LOT of really cool stuff.  
     A couple of years later in 2000, my first son was born.  Being that it was my first child and I was a stay at home mom, I rarely got to work on my precious doll house.  I then decided that it was taking up too much room and I just wasn't doing anything with it.  I sold it in a garage sale for $50.00.  That's right I probably had $1000 invested in this and sold it for $50.00!  Not just the house, but the furniture and building supplies too.  I did sell a few individual pieces on their own.  This was before I really discovered Ebay.   It broke me heart, but I just didn't have the time, space or energy to work on it.  I saved a few choice pieces, but sold the rest.  I had hoped to get back into it, but no luck.  
     A couple of those choice pieces were an Isamu Nogucci coffee table and the living room from Bozart's Kaleidoscope house.  We moved to a new home when my second son was about 1 1/2.  At that time I decided to sell the  Kaleidoscope House sofa set for...$30.00.  I thought that was great since I only paid $20! So, if the person who is reading this bought it...I would like it back, please and will gladly refund the $30.00.  LOL!!!
      My renewed obsession started when I saw a set of the Reac Designer miniature chairs in a Chiasso catalog.  That did it, I was hooked again.  Shortly after that I saw the Brinca Dada Emmerson House in an issue of Dwell Magazine.  That was REALLY it, I had to get back into it.  I started reading several blogs and watching on Ebay and haven't been able to stop.
     This past year, I asked my husband to make me a mid-century modern doll house for Christmas.  That was the only thing I wanted.  Partly because I usually just buy something if I want it, partly because I'm extremely particular and partly because we are not exactly rich.  I waited a few months and nothing came of my Christmas request, so I designed the house and made a template out of foam core board.  a month ago, we finally bought plywood and I finally drew it all out to scale.  Next weekend we are supposedly going to cut out the pieces and assemble the main structure. 
   I will post pics as soon as I figure our how to do it.