Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Making Progress

I had a chance to work on the 70's pad this past weekend and was able to make some real progress. I have a lot of things started, but nothing finished.

 I got a good start on the kitchen cabinets.  For time sake, it will have non-opening doors.

 I got the curved sofa made, but it still needs legs.  The spiral stairs still need a hand rail although I thinks it looks cool with out it.  Maybe I'll will just risk falling off of the stairs.

 The upstairs wallpaper has been chosen.  I found this scrap book paper months ago, but they only had two pieces left which isn't going to be enough.  So, I made a few color copies onto some card stock.  The color is slightly lighter, but I think it will work. The bed has also been started.  It still needs legs, lights, shelves and bedding.  I made it out of maple which is too light for the 70's, but I like maple.

The trim has been started too.

I think if I can work on it at least an hour a day, it will be finished in time. ;-)

Monday, April 21, 2014

The Goods

I bet you're wondering what I bought at the Chicago show aren't you?

Here are the goods I bought:

 The cutting boards are form Small Scale Living.  Breaking Bad fans will like this one!

 A few gorgeous hand made papers.  I thought these would make great framed art. I don't know who I bought these from.

 The Asian looking sculpture is from Wendy's Miniatures and this awesome vase is from RJT Miniatures

The wishbone chairs are from PRD Miniatures, orange of course...

And I bought this Griffin because that's what my son's name is.

And there you have it!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Undersized Urbanite Update

Just a little update on the 70's pad I'm doing for the Undersized Urbanite Contest:

I have the siding done.  I think it looks a little like one of those little vacation cabins you rent in the Smoky Mountains.  The outside lights still need to be wired and I still need to trim around the sliding glass door and the edges of the roof. 

 The striped flooring is in downstairs and the fireplace is almost done.

I made the paneling a little more elegant by using a burled wood veneer on the walls then trimming it out with a lighter wood.

I made this track lighting by using three spot lights attached to a piece of wood and painted white.

Siding on the other end of the house. The siding is made from a bamboo floor mat.

I still have A LOT to do like make the kitchen, the bed and round sofa not to mention finish the trim, roof, patio, wallpaper, upstairs flooring and make a spiral staircase.  Any chance I will finish in the next two weeks?  Doubtful, but I'm going to try!

Chicago - Part #3

As I promised, here are some pics from some old favorites in the modern mini world:
Better late than never!

Peter Tucker makes the best lamps as well as furniture!

You can see more of his work here.

Kari Bloom of Miniton Miniatures:

She is so creative and I love her use of color.

Erik Goddard:

His rooms are so detailed and life-like! You can see more here.

I hope you enjoyed the tour!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Chicago International - Post #2 - New Modern Introductions

As you have probably figured out, I had the opportunity to go the Chicago International Miniature Show hosted by Tom Bishop.  I was so pleased to find that there were more modern and midcentury modern items at the show.  I noticed that there were several vendors who typically only have traditional items that were venturing into modern or at least modernish. Here are a few highlights:

First off, here are some really tiny modern items by Small Scale Living.

Can you believe these are 1/4" scale?  They're laser cut, but they also had a 3-D printer there which was very cool to see in action.  They didn't have these in stock, but you can believe me when I say that I'm ordering a set.

Next is Rainbow Hand and Kathy

Miniature Wood Creations

 The maker Patrick Kinney was so nice and his work is fabulous.  The joinery on his pieces is amazing.  He uses and mixes many different kinds of wood.

Patricia Richards:


They make some amazing room boxes, but this is the first modern one I have seen.

And my Personal Favorite of the New Introductions is Atomic Miniature:

 This is the owner/artist Michael Yurkovik

 At first I thought these chairs were 3-D prints, but they are not.  I have no idea how he creates the seats but they are pretty amazing.

The tiny T.V.s are also battery operated.  Oh how I wish I had the funds to buy at least one of everything from Atomic Miniature!

Tomorrow some old favorites in the modern mini word!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Chicago International

Just a few pics from PRD at the Chicago International show today... They're not great quality pics because I took them with my phone.

 Don't Megan's (Modern Mini Houses) accessories make a perfect pairing with PRD furniture?

I'll have a lot more on the show tomorrow.