Sunday, April 28, 2013

Chicago International / Three Blind Mice

As I had mentioned in my earlier post, there were not a lot of modern offerings at the miniatures shows in Chicago last weekend.  I did however find a few things.

My first stop was the Three Blind Mice Show since it was closer to where I was staying.

 I got these Reac chairs from the same guy that I got my black Barcelona chairs from at the Museum of Miniatures Show here in Indianapolis back in September. Great prices!

I also found these unfinished items.  I thought the ashtrays would be good for Midcentury.  I liked the old cameras and will paint them to match a couple of vintage cameras we have in real life.  I just thought the Oscar statue was kind of amusing.  There were a few other things I was interested in, but I thought I should save my money for the big show.

Now for the international show: I really didn't buy much.  First, there weren't many modern miniatures there but the ones that were there were incredible. Unfortunately, I didn't have the funds to buy them.  Second, I was so overwhelmed by the amazing artists and their work that I was just so focussed on looking at EVERYTHING!

Here is what I did buy:

 I got this wonderful shoji lamp from Irik Goddard and this cute little bird feeder that I will probably paint orange.

I also got a few plants.  I got this bonsai tree from a Japanese vendor and the succulents and staghorn fern kit from another wonderful vendor.

Overall, it was an great show.  I think I primarily went for the experience and to talk to and meet some amazing miniaturists.  Everyone I talked to was so nice and willing to share their miniature stories. 
Very Good Show!

Friday, April 26, 2013

George Nelson Score

I was just excited that I scored these two classic modern George Nelson Clocks at Home Goods--Cheap!

I guess I'll just have to start collecting modern clocks, now!  They're not just clocks, they're art!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Chicago International - Worth the Trip

I had been planning on going to the Chicago International Miniatures Show for months.  Then my friend Jazzi couldn't make it, so I contemplated the idea of not going. I decided to go with or without a friend along, then I got some really wicked allergies...might not go.  Wouldn't you know, the Thursday before the show, my son gets sick which means I have to work on Friday when I had planned on making a day of it. (I was planning on leaving in the morning, stopping by the Three Blind Mice show and a stop into Ikea before a little dinner and relaxation at the hotel)....might not go now...Then I decided I would be mad at myself if I didn't go...So now on Friday afternoon I decided to go again...crap, a friend borrowed our I-Pass...should I go or this a bad sign? 

Well......I went!!  I am sooooo glad I did!  It was a long drive, about 3 1/2 hours...a little longer having to stop for the tolls.  The primary reasons I'm glad I decided to go to the show are: First, I  got the chance to meet and have lunch with Brae of Otterine, April of  Every Little Thing and Greg  and his wife from the Greenleaf forum (who lives here near Indy).  We had a nice time and a few laughs.  A very close second is to meet and talk to Paris Renfroe from PRD Miniatures and see his miniatures up close. At first, I felt like I was talking to a celebrity because I have admired his modern miniatures for some time.  He was so nice and his wife is gorgeous. I also got to meet Erik Goddard and Peter Tucker.  All incredibly nice people who love their craft.  Wow, do I sound like a name-dropper or what?
Here are some modern miniature highlights:


The first stop was Erik Goddard:

 Artist's Studio

Asian/Modern Influence

 I love how the light is coming through the door and windows.  It has such a loft-like feel.

My personal favorite: PRD Miniatures

 Fab art and living/dining room pieces

 Gorgeous Pieces!

Luxury Hotel Bathroom
 Seriously who wouldn't love this no matter what your taste!?

 Luxury Hotel Room: Notice the Chicago skyline?

Check out these Roy Lichtenstein influenced pieces by Kari Bloom of  Miniton Miniatures.  Unfortunately, she doesn't have a web site right now, but it should be up soon.  She prints her own fabrics!

 So Much Fun!!!

Peter Tucker

 I love this artwork

No two lighting fixtures are alike. 

I love this chandellier!

Now, Here is the part I'm really ashamed of:  I made a point of writing down the shop where these items were and who made them, however in pure Cyd form, I seem to have lost the note card I was writing on and can't possibly tell you who made these amazing things. :-(  I apologize...If anyone knows who these amazing pieces are made by, please let me know so that I can give them the credit they deserve.

Isn't this stained glass amazing?

I think It has a very Frank Loyd Wright feel to it.

There were surprisingly very few midcentury miniatures at the show. But what was there was pretty cool.  Update: The stained glass is by Barbara Sabia

 Check these out, they are only 1/4" tall.

 I love the little martini shakers and lava lamps.

 Red Hot Lava! 

Update: The lava lamps, vases and midcentury boomerang tables are by RJT Miniatures.

These Heywood Wakefield inspired pieces blew me away.  Alas, I can't remember the maker.  If I regret purchasing anything, this would be it.  I have the real life version in my dining room and I adore it!

That about covers it for the modern miniatures at the show. 

Have a great day!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Just a little modern scene done with classic midcentury modern designed pieces.

I finally got a white Barcelona chair, thanks to Minismodernas! This Reac version has been hard to find, but I did find a similar one being made by Cufflinks Cowboy Boots on Etsy. 

 The dish on the coffee table is Re-ment, The striped dish in the back is from Dollshouse Emporium, the decorative bowl in the back was an Ebay find, the Barcelona Chair is Reac and the rest is by me with  little help from my awesome husband.

The amazing modern paintings are by Lyssa at Lyssa's Budget Minis and Can't have it Big? Make it Mini , the rest is by me.

Here it is with the fire going and arc lamp lit.

Have a great day!!!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Busy As Bees

My family and I just got back from a wonderful week long vacation in Alabama.  Before we left, my hubby was very busy making miniatures and yesterday I was busy finishing them.

Here's how it works:  He makes the sofa platforms and table tops and I do the legs and cushions.  I just wanted to show a few items we just finished. These are just a few of my faves, but there are more.

A modern twist on a midcentury design 

Colorful mondrian

Geometric grey and turquoise

This is a shelving unit/entertainment center my husband designed and made.  The angled back gives it a little extra interest, don't you think?

Dining table and chairs.

We made the table. The chairs are from CB2 and painted chrome.
The awesome painting in the shelving unit is by Lyssa at Can't Have it Big? Make it Mini and Lyssa's Budget Minis on Etsy and a couple of the sculptures on the lower right are from Megan at Modern Mini Houses. The driftwood sculpture is by me and the rest of the accessories are craft store and Ebay finds.

Most of these and others are for sale either in my Etsy shop or on Ebay.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Minismodernas Anniversary Contest

Last year about this time (where does the time go?), Minismodernas from Spain (a wonderful modern miniature shop) held a contest to make a modern miniature scene.  The winner got a gift from their shop

The winning scene was by Megan of Modern Mini Houses.

Here are a couple of pictures of her scene:

Check out that light from Carol at Mitchymoo Miniatures 
And those chairs from Tiny Fixation

Aren't that dresser and wardrobe way cool? (also from Mitchymoo), not to mention the PRD bed and poufs.  Megan's design sense is wonderful.  I love how she puts it all together.

This is what she won:

Aren't these mini bathroom pieces stunning?  I would love to have these in 1:1 scale!

Anyway here are the details of the contest:

Simply make a modern scene and send the pictures to:

Between April 10th and June 1st.

The winner receives a gift certificate for 100 euros to spend at Minismodernas

Good luck to all who enter the contest!  I can't wait to see the entries!!!!