Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Jazzi's World Travels

Our fellow blogger Jazzi has initiated a fun plan.  Please check out her blog!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Colorful Office

Just a colorful little scene.  I'm typically not a pink person, as a matter of fact I really don't like pink at all. I'm starting to like HOT pink though, any other shade of pink can go.  I guess it's a good thing I have boys!

 The shelving unit is Brinca Dada, the calendar is a gift from Minis Modernas for entering their mini modern contest.

This awesome little leather chair is the Janev by Jazzi Minis.   Check out her Etsy store! The desk is Kaleidoscope house, the accessories are re-ment and various Ebay and craft store finds, the flooring is a piece of scrap book paper, the art is a Matisse post card.

Have a mini weekend!

Friday, July 13, 2012

All Lit Up

I have had some extra time this week to do some miniing while the kids were at camp.  I've been playing with lighting.  On Kathi's blog Beautiful Mini Blessings, Kathi had highlighted some lighting she has done using some battery operated lighting from Evans Designs.  Let me just tell you they are awesome!  Here is what I was able to do...
Sorry...but that is all I can show you on this build.  It's for the Miniatures.com Creatin Contest.  Yes, I did get my mojo in the groove and started building something new.

On another lighting note,a couple of weeks ago I used regular plug in wired lighting to create some glass pendant lights.

and this...
Which is a mini replica of this real light that I have.
 Here is is lit up.

Have a de-light-ful day!

Christmas in July

Recently, Jazzi of Jazzi Minis coordinated a Christmas in July swap.  There were several miniaturists that participated.  My swap partner was Mary of M's Minis and More.  She is so sweet and sent me these wonderful items.
 I think these candles look so real and the colors are totally my colors.

 She based the colors off of the Atomic Bungalow. I already used the rug in a scene.
Check out these tiny scrap book papers and that scrap book! The patterns are great.  I can't wait to incorporate them into a scene.

Thanks so much Mary and Jazzi!

Monday, July 9, 2012

New Items in my Etsy Store

Here are a couple of new items in my Etsy store.  

It looks like I may not be putting much on there anytime soon as my mini table saw is having issues.  I have sent it in to be repaired twice now and have to send it in again...boo!  That's just fine because I really have to catch up with the rest of my life anyway!

Happy Mini Day!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Kaleidoscope House on Sale

Kaleidoscope house furniture and dolls are on sale at FAB.com. These are a steal!  You can use my code to become a member. Follow this link: http://fab.com/131ro3 or go to FAB.com.

 This sofa set usually goes for $50-$100 on Ebay.

These are just a few of the sets that are available. Check it out!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Do You Have this House?

Several weeks ago I was the extremely happy winner of an Artply Highland Dollhouse Kit-complete.  I couldn't believe it!  I started making space to build it.  It's HUGE!  It arrived very quickly...again very happy.  I opened the kit because to take inventory of the pieces because the package seemed a little light for a dollhouse kit.  Wouldn't you know it...a majority of the kit was missing including all of the main pieces like the floors and walls.  I notified the seller and he was wonderful and refunded my money promptly.  I said he didn't want it back if it was missing the pieces so I still have what is left.

Here are a couple of pics of the house: Sorry these are so small:

These are a lilttle better:

So here is my new plight:  I have some of the pieces and I would like to try to make it work.  Does anyone have this house and can anyone help me by giving me some of the dimensions of my missing parts?  Call of the Small:  I know you have this house. ;-).  Please shoot me a message at: alamod (at) hotmail (dot) com if you can help or know someone who can.