Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Facebook Frustrations

I know you probably don't want to hear me bitch about stuff nor do you like to read lengthy posts without pictures, but this really pisses me off!

As many of you know, I also have a Mini Mod Pod Facebook page.  I've had the page for some time now and have created what I think is a pretty good following. As I'm sure some of you do, I try to keep my mini life somewhat separate from my personal life.  I don't want to bombard my personal friends with miniatures because quite frankly, they are not interested.

I do love to talk minis and share new and or old things I find interesting in the mini world. Facebook seems to be a good way to do that....and it's free...for now.  Recently Facebook is treating my page like a business page and won't let me share posts or comment on posts from other pages as Mini Mod Pod, only from my personal page.  I can't even see posts by pages or people that Mini Mop Pod likes!

Now I have to figure out a way to post mini stuff as Mad for Mod/Mini Mod Pod...maybe a new private group for modern and midcentury miniatures? Maybe I should just start a new account as Mad for Mod?