Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Mod Fireplace

I've been working on making a mod hanging fireplace for the 70's A-frame that I'm working on. I hope it will look something like this:

As you may know, I'm a little bah humbug about the commercialism of Christmas, but there is one good thing: cheap Christmas ornaments that you can make miniatures out of.

I found this ornament for 88 cents.

Cut the end with the hole off. Then filed and sanded the edges smooth.

  Then I cut a piece of PVC pipe my husband had laying around.  It wasn't easy getting the angle just right. Then I glued them together.
I will hang like this.  I will paint the inside a flat black and add some logs.  I'm contemplating making it light up.  I'm not sure what color the outside will be.  Probably orange.  I'm pleased how it is turning out

Friday, November 8, 2013

Undersized Urbanite Update: 70's Style

I have now decided on a house for the Undersized Urbanite contest.  I found this A-frame dollhouse kit on Ebay some time ago.  It was basically in mint condition except that the wood is very old and brittle.  I've gotten a lot of splinters putting this together.  The  wood was so brittle that I thought of just using it as a template, but I was able to use the main pieces.

Most of the wood looks like this with pieces that have chipped off.

Here is where I'm at now.

I replaced the end at the left with a solid piece so that I can have a wall without windows to put the kitchen and bathroom on.  I will most likely make a new spiral staircase.

I want to some kind of funky hanging fireplace like the one shown below.  I'm thinking of somehow transforming this lemon juice bottle.

I'm leaning toward going something like this with the curved sofa.


I bid on this curved wooden sofa on Ebay, but was out bid..  :-( It would have been perfect.  Now I have to figure out how to make one...