Monday, December 14, 2015

Area 54

Well, It's finished.  Area 54 is a bar / night club that is Area 51 meets Studio 54.  It turned out more or less as I envisioned.  My only problem is that the deadline is tomorrow and I can't seem to get ant good pictures of the whole structure.  I had planned on taking it outside today to photograph it.  I thought it might even look kind of cool with Christmas lights behind it...but if rained all day and MDF and water don't like each other very much.  I'm going to work on the pics some more tonight, but here are a few preliminary shots.

The bar as seen from above (before I put the roof on).  I wanted to show the kegs and what not that are under the bar.

Lots of lighting and a tiny blue tooth speaker above the door.

The ceiling complete with sprinkler system in case of fire.

Here is where I need some work on the photos.  I think I will just try ironing the sheet and see if that helps. I don't usually use dolls for my builds, but I thought it might be fun to add some for this one. I do love the scrolling sign.



  1. Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!
    Million questions... What did you use for all of the stainless steel surfaces? LOVE the HVAC system! What did you use for the ducting? LOVE the sprinklers! How on Earth did you make the bar stools?!? LOVE the lighting effects! And Dr. Evil? Very funny! LOVE it all! Can't wait for more pics!

    1. Hey Jodi! Thank you sooo much! I will be sure to give the deets in another post.

  2. Shiny! This is just delightful and amazing. I can feel the throb.

  3. Shiny! This is just delightful and amazing. I can feel the throb.

  4. Wow, what a surprise the direction you went in and what an incredibly cool idea!! Love the name too :D. And it's so well worked out too, it looks so realistic and I agree, that scrolling sign is awesome!! You've done such a great job with this, looking forward to more pictures, too bad of the rain..

  5. I.LOVE.IT! How freakin cool would it be to have a club like this? The ducting, the bar stools, the colour and theme and the Just so many clever design elements in there. Really well done Cyd!

  6. This is GROOVY TO THE MAX! No doubt there'll be a whole lot of Night Fever, going on inside! :D

  7. This is really cool. Love the ceiling. You completely transformed this kit. Great job!!

  8. What a great idea and I love the name, area 54! This just makes me smile, really nice job!