Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Area 54 - Nightlife

I worked out the photos for Area 54! This was a fun build to do. It's something different from what I usually do, but still modern...maybe ultra modern? Now, I have more than enough booze bottles for the Mad Men office. I made the ceiling with exposed duct work etc. so that I can some day add some windows and turn this into an industrial loft /studio apartment. I still don't like using dolls in photos, but I do like the Daft Punk guys (the guy in front carding people and the bar tender) and my Austin Powers action figures. I just think they're funny. 

 So here are the official pics:

While I was at it, I made a short video if the inside of Area 54: The music is from the blue tooth speaker above the door.

And the Scrolling Sign:

Area 54 Scrolling Sign

Now all I need to do is get through Christmas, New Years and a birthday (not mine) and I can finish the Mad Men office and get back to the Citadel! 



  1. Great photos and video. It all seems very realistic. The lighting effects you created are awesome -Great job.

  2. I must agree with Troy, the lighting effects are amazing. Hugs AM

  3. Haaa--I swear I've been to this place before. Must have been over served because it's all so fuzzy. :D Looks awesome!!!

  4. I especially like the last photo, but all are well done! And how nice to make a video, gives it extra depth, also because of the music! And I really wanted to see the scrolling sign so thanks for the video of that, it is an awesome feature on an awesome project!! Fingers crossed :D

  5. Way Cool! Let's Party, do I need a reservation? C

  6. There is so much fun and goodness here. Congratulations and well done!

  7. I just really love this build Cyd. So many wonderful design elements and materials. It's refreshing to see someone embrace artificial lighting and make it work so well. BRAVO!!!

  8. Great job on the lighting and cool video!

  9. This is so flippin' cool!
    I love how it's funky with industrial bits (technical term there).
    The lighting is spectacular and those bar stools genius!
    I love the bar and the colour scheme.
    It's very much like a club I used to go to in my teens called Sector 5 (although we called it 'septic dive').
    Very well done on an excellent job.

  10. OMG this place looks so hip! It certainly does resemble a few places Ive ..uhh visited in my youth ;)

    Great work, excellent atmosphere!

  11. Far out! Very very cool! You must have done a lot of on site research in various places, LOL! The bar stools look like they have been nicked from some space craft and the bar and lighting are out of this world. A star job! ;-)

  12. I ready to Get Down at the Disco!
    Your lighting and the bar combined with the Amazing ceiling treatment is SPECTACULAR!
    Bee Gees... where are you?

  13. Absolutely Fab!!
    Happy New Year!