Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Abandonment Issues

So, I have decided to abandon my original Creatin' Contest plan which was to do something like this:

I decided to something a little more simple.   Unfortunately, I don't have an inspiration picture to show you because the only place I can seem to find what I want to do is on Houzz.  Houzz is a great website for inspiration for both real life and the miniature world.

 I purchased two kits, however I ended up only using one of them.  I decided it was much easier to build the two floors of the modern beach house separately.

  The top floor will be the bedroom with the two sets of french doors.  The bottom will have two large sliding doors that make up the bottom right corner of the house.  I have one slider left over from last year's Denise's City Cottage kit and luckily HBS is now carrying those sliders so I bought another one.

 Once they are put together it will be shaped like this. The top will have a large deck and there will be a deck off the side of the bottom floor.  I think I need to add some more windows. Yes, that's my totally messy workroom in the background.

 When the upper floor is on, it's pretty dark which isn't a great feeling in a beach house. You can see the flooring I have picked out for the downstairs.  The blue and white laminate will be for the bathroom. Crap! I just realized that I need some way to get upstairs...oops.  I guess I need to address that. 

The upper floor is light and bright.

I'm undecided on whether I'm going to make the outside beachy, industrial, really modern or more like a shipping container house.