Friday, December 4, 2015

Modern Mini Makers

This morning, I typed in "modern dollhouse" in the search engine on Etsy and guess what I found?  Several new modern mini makers! I was thrilled to find these modern mini artists! Please click on the shop names to go to their Etsy shops.


Based in Italy, Renata Robida makes some wonderful acrylic pieces,

I'm really loving these clocks and I will be placing an order for one!

This boomerang table would be great for both modern and MCM.

Mini Home Decor Shop

Awesome laser cut shelving and furniture. They also have a blog you can see here.

Just Darling Miniatures

Out of Denver CO, Monica makes some very cool industrial chic pieces. You can also visit her online store here:

 I love this Scandinavian styled bed and industrial shelves and the background is so lofty chic!

This door and saw horse desk is amazing!

Anatolian Miniature

Based in Turkey, Bora Demirpglu makes great modern and midcentury modern furniture, His blog is here.

Art in Wax

 Based in Southend on sea Essex (in the UK). Hazel paints her Art in hot wax, sometimes referred to as encaustic art,  She also has an online shop here and you sen see more of her work in her Facebook page.  The following photos are copyrighted to Hazel at Art in Wax.

Now, I wish I had some extra money to place orders at all of these shops. All of these photos were posted with permission from the artists. You can click on each of the shop titles to be linked to their Etsy shops.


  1. Cyd,
    thank you very much!!!!
    We love the modern style and since in Italy there were no modern miniatures, we decided to create them. For now we have created furniture and home accessories in wood, plexiglass, cardboard and even the press 3d.
    Follow our blog and our etsy shop.
    a hug and thanks again

  2. Bonitas piezas. Gracias por los enlaces

  3. I've been eyeing piccoleidee for a while now. Trying to exercise restraint. But mini home decor.....well, the branch shelf got the best of me. Sigh.

  4. Oh these are good, good finds! Thank you.
    The clocks are my particular favourite.
    I'll go and take a closer look.

  5. What a great find. Thanks for sharing!

  6. A great blog post and thank you for featuring my miniature Art In Wax


  7. Thank you for sharing the work of these wonderful miniaturists, it's great that the modern mini-world is expanding!

  8. Oh yeah, more modern minis =0D
    Thanks for giving us a head-up =0)