Thursday, October 29, 2015

Alice Miniatures

Recently, I've discovered an awesome mini modern enthusiast on Facebook.  Her name is Alice and she does fantastic modern work. She's been around for awhile, but I just found her in the last few months.

This is one of her more recent projects.

Something a little more Mid-century, but still modern.

 Another awesome kitchen project.

I love the lighting in this bathroom.

If you're on Facebook, her work is definitely worth checking out.
You can see it here.

She also has an Etsy shop where she sells mini modern art work.
She is the same Alice that also had her art work featured in September's Doll's House Magazine.


  1. Ah, the same Alice from the Shapeways competition too. Yeah, her work is fabulous isn't it. So happy to see more modern =0D

    1. I knew I saw her bathroom somewhere. I couldn't place where!

  2. She's very good indeed, thank you for sharing!

  3. Well, I was just feeling rude not commenting here. Thanks so much for sharing my work.
    I've only been making minis for 18 months ago and your blog and a few others were my original inspiration when I started out, so it's lovely to see me here!