Thursday, October 8, 2015

CC 2015 Progress

The last couple of months have been crazy around here with personal stuff. First my sister went into surgery at the end of August and has been ill ever since, my mother in law came to visit, I made inventory and did the miniature show and now it's Halloween season. You know how I love Halloween!  I finally had a little time to work on The PS Pool House.

 I worked on the pool area.  I added some plants and stone work.  The sunken area will be where the grill resides.  The little trough area will be filled with ice and cold drinks and work as a swim up bar. There is still a lot of work to do.

 I finally put in the wall that divides the dressing area/rest room from the living area.

 I made the wall so that it doesn't go all the way to the ceiling.  I wanted to emphasize the curve of the roof and I think it visually makes the place seem more open.

 The pocket door.

 I also added some stone work to the outside.

This gives you an idea how the pool drawer will work.  I think I will have to do something different with the diving board because it sits a little too high to allow the drawer to close completely. At this rate, I'm not sure that I will finish this before the deadline which is quickly approaching. I'll probably get most of it done, but the details such as landscaping and the pool pump will most likely happen at a later date.



  1. Wow that is fantastic! The pool is just the plus ultra! CM

  2. The drawer is really great idea. Hopefully yours will turn out better than mine. I built a drawer under one house and it the clearance was too close. After about a year,l the house settled a little and the drawer is very hard to slide out now. I really like the subtle shades of gray. It looks great.

  3. La zona exterior está bastante avanzada y va quedando estupenda.

  4. The Pool house is looking good! Love the stone work. It's coming along great.

  5. For what it's worth, you've done an amazing job considering all of the RL stuff you're having to deal with. It all looks great and even if you finish it next year, I'm looking forward to seeing it. =0)

  6. Seems like a lot of us are having trouble getting it done in the deadline! Mine is prolly behind yours in terms of completeness. I have all my walls painted, and next up is installing windows.

  7. A beautiful project. I like your work.

  8. I'm so sorry about your sister, I hope she recovers soon.. Eventhough you haven't been able to do much, your project keeps getting better, I think it's só good! I hope you finish on time, but even if you don't, it will be great and we will enjoy it even more when you do!