Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Going Mad

Have you ever had one of those projects you have been working on for months and no matter what you do you're just not happy with the way it's turning out? The HBS creating contest kit is that one for me.  I've had many seeming "brilliant" ideas which I have been blogging about and quite honestly, none of them turned out as I had hoped. I just didn't feel like I was getting anything exactly as I wanted it.

Then I received a little something in the mail that inspired me...

This incredible mid-century modern office desk made by Patie at Minisx2.

Then this happened...I ripped out the swiveling doors and the inside and outside walls.  

If anyone watched the AMC Series Mad Men, you probably know where I'm going with this.

 My version of Don Draper's office
  I had planned on doing this at a later date, but when I got the desk that was it...
The real Don Draper's office.

 I wanted to do a replica, however I wanted to use the patio area that I already worked on and the curved ceiling is different than the real thing.




  1. That desk is amazing! It never ceases to amaze me how precise miniatures can be.

  2. A little "madness" is never a bad thing! I love where you're going with it. Sometimes you need something to light a fire in you and stir up the creativity.

  3. Awesome! I hear ya on changing direction mid project. I've had my ups and downs on the contest kit, too.

  4. No conozco la serie pero la oficina es impresionante. Muy real.

  5. That desk is fab!
    There's no reason why you couldn't do a suspended ceiling and still keep the patio area outside of the office *shrugs* I find you have to be inspired by things you like to put your heart and soul into a project. I feel a change of plan coming...=0)

  6. Whoa. Wow. LOVE when this happens.

  7. Glad you've found your mojo again! That desk is incredible, it deserves center stage in a build.

  8. Such a nice idea, it really fits well with the kit. For me it's been a decision with every corner of the kit and I bet that for many others too new decisions will be made so close to the deadline, but I kind of like last moment changes :) It's like a sprint before the finish line.

  9. I just discovered your blog. You do very nice job. I like the miniature because I am a collector of Barbie dolls and Fashion Royalty dolls. Thank you to share your passion with us.

  10. Haha, seriously? I loved your project! But I applaud you for doing what you feel like and you have fun with it! It sounds great and I love the desk!! I'm very curious to how it will be, enjoy!