Sunday, April 28, 2013

Chicago International / Three Blind Mice

As I had mentioned in my earlier post, there were not a lot of modern offerings at the miniatures shows in Chicago last weekend.  I did however find a few things.

My first stop was the Three Blind Mice Show since it was closer to where I was staying.

 I got these Reac chairs from the same guy that I got my black Barcelona chairs from at the Museum of Miniatures Show here in Indianapolis back in September. Great prices!

I also found these unfinished items.  I thought the ashtrays would be good for Midcentury.  I liked the old cameras and will paint them to match a couple of vintage cameras we have in real life.  I just thought the Oscar statue was kind of amusing.  There were a few other things I was interested in, but I thought I should save my money for the big show.

Now for the international show: I really didn't buy much.  First, there weren't many modern miniatures there but the ones that were there were incredible. Unfortunately, I didn't have the funds to buy them.  Second, I was so overwhelmed by the amazing artists and their work that I was just so focussed on looking at EVERYTHING!

Here is what I did buy:

 I got this wonderful shoji lamp from Irik Goddard and this cute little bird feeder that I will probably paint orange.

I also got a few plants.  I got this bonsai tree from a Japanese vendor and the succulents and staghorn fern kit from another wonderful vendor.

Overall, it was an great show.  I think I primarily went for the experience and to talk to and meet some amazing miniaturists.  Everyone I talked to was so nice and willing to share their miniature stories. 
Very Good Show!


  1. thanks for sharing zour news and impressions!

  2. Everything you picked up is wonderful. I'm always amazed at the detail of your miniatures!

  3. I like your purchases, especially the plants.
    Bye, Faby

  4. Do you have a website or contact information for the person selling the reac chairs? I am looking for some as well. Thanks so much!