Monday, February 29, 2016


I think I have decided what I'm going to do for the this year's Creatin' Contest: 

I still need to do a dry fit to decide whether or not I'm going to do a loft or some kind of Murphy bed/sofa bed, but I think this will work.  I'm going to forgo the current porch and use the entire base as the house.  

I will add a deck on one end with a front door and the side where the big windows will be (like the one below).

...Of course, knowing me I will get half way into the build and decide to go another direction.  I think the trick for me is not to get too ambitious or impatient.


In addition, I just bought this large lot of Bodo Hennig / German made minis off of Ebay. I actually only wanted to keep a few pieces and was planning of selling off the rest, but as I unwrapped the pieces I found that there were many more that I like and will be keeping.

Some of them are duplicates of what I already have so I will re-sell those or give some as gifts...maybe a giveaway since I haven't had one in awhile.

  I'm just curious what you think if I were to reupholster the pieces that I'm not fond ALL of the floral prints.  Do you think that would "devalue" the pieces for those who are purists? or does it really matter as long as it is done well?


  1. It's going to be a great project. Nice Ebay find too.

  2. That is a gorgeous plan. I wish that had been the base kit!

  3. Love, love love your design! Wish it was a kit!

  4. Un proyecto muy interesante. Yo como no soy purista, creo que si se hace bien, una pieza puede mejorar si se cambia.

  5. I love your idea for the build Cyd. It will look amazing with all the natural light pouring in. Looking forward to watching it evolve =0)
    As for your Ebay haul, I would cover the offending print in a heartbeat =0D

  6. Purists would find the reupholstered furniture "ruined". Why? Because they are purists! It is now yours to do with as you wish. Use the pieces you want and recover, repaint or reshape them as you see fit. They are for you and for your houses, if they don't work, rework them until you love them. With the extra pieces that you don't want, you can resell them on eBay as Bodo Hennig originals if you leave them alone. If you decide to give them away, you can leave them unaltered or reupholstered, it will be up to your readers to decide if they want a chance to win them. You could even sell the reupholstered ones on eBay, just state that they have been altered and how. The purists will be sad, but someone else will be so happy to buy them in their pretty,fresh new coverings. The contest plans look great and the eBay haul is wonderful. Just my take on your question.

  7. Your plan looks great. Can't wait to see it come together.

  8. ah, sometimes it's smart to read the next post, you don't really need my tip anymore, haha, well maybe it can serve you with other choices ;). I think your design looks great! I'm really looking forward to the evolving of your ideas and the changes along the way, makes it so great to follow! Wow, great score on the furniture! I agree with others, your stuff, your choice, my only advice would be: ENJOY the process :D