Friday, August 12, 2011

New Creations

This is my first attempt at creating a mid-mod sofa.  It looks so easy when other people make their own...I suppose it's not bad for a first, but I think my sewing and scaling skills need some refining.

Here we have a little bedroom. Would you sleep here if you were 6" tall?  I made the bed and the pillows/bedding.  The night stands are altered Brinca Dada night stands.  The lamps are from Minimum World in the UK.  The chair is Reac, the turquiose phone is Re-ment and the wallpaper was purchased on Ebay.  I wish they still made this wallpaper in human size!

This is the bed I made.  I just used craft wood and some veneer from some exotic african wood scraps I bought on Ebay.  I'm starting to think I should stick with making un-upholstered furniture.  I think the bed turned out pretty well.  Now, I most certainly understand why mini artisans charge so much for their work...It's very time consuming.

A little Brinca Dada alteration.  I veneered the drawer fronts with the same wood as the bed to make it match and painted the rest white.

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  1. I love this bedroom! Can you shrink me down small enough to stay here?!