Saturday, September 8, 2012

My Design Soulmate

Recently, I have been checking out designs from Jonathan Adler.  I have always liked his designs, but really didn't look at them much probably because I can't afford them.  Recently I saw a show on HGTV that shows the favorite spaces of celebrities and designers.  Jonahtan Adler was highlighted.  I fell in love with his designs.  They are colorful, simple, fun and they have a touch of midcentury influence.

I even recently bought a couple of Barbie sized Jonathan Adler lamps that I think would make fun oversized floor lamps for 1/12 scale.  I bought primarily because they came with great black and white vases.

Here are some of the latest inspiration pieces I have been dreaming of...

These are giving me such great ideas.  Now, I just have to find the time to make them...


  1. You are right about the lamp. It does seem cool in 1:12. And I like how you can turn the vases just so to hide the pink stripe if you want. I used these for a Holidays post once.
    I've since used the lamp parts and the vases for a variety of scenes. Looking forward to seeing what you craft from all this great inspiration! The chevron print is lovely.

    1. Now I just have to find a small chevron print...

  2. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with here Cyd! Love your selection of inspiration pieces.

  3. I used these lamps by spray painting one black and one bright orange in my I house and found them great fun to mix with the brown and orange 1950's wooden Barbie furniture. How cool is it he did a Barbie set!!! CM You can see it here