Saturday, February 16, 2013

Dave's Attic

Recently I can across this web site for Dave's Attic Miniatures.  He makes some beautiful 1 inch scale art deco miniatures as well as some smaller scales. 

Here is a sample of some of his 1:12 art deco miniatures:
(Neen you might be interested in these)

 The details are great aren't they?

 Check out the curves on this bedroom set.

This wonderful bookcase looks a little more modern.

And here are some 1/4 scale houses:

 I really love this one.  They come in laser cut kit form.

This one is more art deco, but I think it could go more modern too.

If only I had the patience to work with things this tiny.


  1. Oh Wow! I have been watching that bed on eBay, and did not realize that it was part of an entire Art Deco collection, thank you for sharing this! The second house from the end is very 1930s modern. The more research I do into Art Deco, the more I see it as a connector between so many styles, Art Nouveau, Art Moderne, Streamline Modern, and so on. Also, 1930s modern houses like the one you show are often called early examples of MidCentury Modern architecture. The more research I do, the more I realize that modern is modern, if a building or piece of furniture has clean, interesting lines, it will be cutting edge in any decade. Thanks Cyd, great post!

  2. How funny! I've been admiring a jukebox on that site. Thanks for showcasing his work!

  3. unos muebles preciosos , y esas casas son una pasada