Friday, May 24, 2013


I haven't really done anything with miniatures since I got back from the Tom Bishop show in Chicago...So, what have I been doing?  I've been busy working on real life stuff.  It does include miniatures in a way.
I've been working on making my work room more efficient.  I simply have too much stuff crammed in a little space. Not to mention that this is a converted attic space and the walls are actually only 4 feet tall then it all slopes to a point at 8 feet in the center of the room.  So, I really don't have much wall space.
 There is also no air conditioning in this room.  See that behemoth by the shelves?  That's a portable air conditioner.  It's typically over 90 degrees in this room in the summer, so the portable A.C. is a must!
 It got to a point where the only place I could work is on the floor.  Needless to say, the carpeting was quickly getting trashed.
 So, I decided on a whim to tear out all of the carpeting and replace it with vinyl flooring. That's my girl Lucy peeking through the door.
Here is it in it's current state.  It still needs a lot of organizing, but at least I don't have to sit on the floor and messes are much easier to clean up.
Then, if that isn't enough...I decided to start tearing up our screened in porch.  Use your imagination...a dark green ceiling, dirty tan outdoor carpeting, tan walls and brown furniture.  It's not very inviting is it? (I forgot to take before pictures).
Here it is now...
 Bright and happy!
 We painted the ceiling and all the walls white and the French doors and blades on the ceiling fan are bright orange.
I love how the floor turned out!  I painted it lime green and then stenciled the blue.  Then applied five coats of water based floor polyurethane.
Now, we are just waiting for the weather to warm up again so we can have a barbecue!
So, I guess that will give me some mini time.  I'm having withdraw symptoms and need a little mini fix!


  1. I love the floor in your porch! So bright and cheery! And, I totally feel your pain when it comes to working in small spaces. Currently, my fiance and I live in a one-bedroom apartment and my crafting area is limited to one corner of the living room. Someday (soon, I hope), we'll move to a bigger place with more room to craft!

  2. I love that pattern on your screen porch floor!

  3. That floor is phenomenal. You did such a beautiful job on it, and the effect is stunning.

  4. I like your original floor.
    Bye, Faby

  5. The pattern in your porch is fab! I would love to work in a place like that with so much natural light. Your workroom however..ha-ha. I've never seen a miniaturist yet with a tidy workroom. Welcome to the dark side =0D

  6. Oh. Em. Flipping. Gee! LOVE that floor! You are so brave!

    I have learned a lot for organizing craft room (and frequently end up on the floor myself... yes, even in that huge room) I think the best thing to help is to get a bunch of baskets/totes from a dollar store, and then to grab TON of mdf and wood glue. Build your own shelves. Helps, immensely. I will look for ideas to help you and your stubby walls. :) The vinyl floor is a great upgrade for you!