Sunday, September 22, 2013

More Power Tools!

While we were gearing up for the  Indianapolis Miniature Show that was held this weekend, my awesome husband taught me how to use a new power tool...the router.

He cut out the starting shapes and I laminated them.

 Making sure fingers and thumbs are out of the way!

 Several table tops.
 (Yes, I am as short as it looks in this picture)
So, What did I make with all of the table tops?
Tables, of course!

Unfortunately, not one of these tables sold at the show :-(
They will all be listed on my Etsy Shop and Ebay over the next few weeks.
There will be more on that subject later.


  1. love them and love the look on your face to!

  2. The table tops look great. Nice choice of colours.

  3. Those tables are great! I can't believe they didn't sell.

  4. Ha-ha, I love the last picture. It should have the caption 'Look, I still have all of my fingers' =0P

  5. I love your tables =) And like Pepper said, I thought that picture were saying: And I still have all my fingers =) Be careful and hope the selling goes better on the net!