Thursday, October 3, 2013

Mini Heywood-Wakefield

Since I have a fondness for the real Heywood-wakefield furniture, I decided to make a version of a "dog bone" bed.  It's named for the shape of the foot board.  In real life I have the dining chairs from this my dining room of course. I would LOVE to have one of these beds in real life...king size.

One thing I really hate about using tacky wax on walls is that it leaves little greasy spots on the wallpaper as you can see above the dresser on the left side.

The abstract art is by Lyssa at Can't Have it Big? Make it MiniShe also has an etsy shop.  The dog is from my swap with Mandy at Mini Modern Mind, the flowers and orange area rug are from my swap with Annina.  I made the retro cat art, the yellow chair, the lamps and the bed with the bedding.  The dressers are by Streets Ahead.

Te lamps are lit with a 9V battery connector.  I just hid the 9V battery.
Even this one, the battery is behind the chair.  I also made the bullet planter. I like the pattern the lamp leaves on the wall and ceiling.
These are mostly things I made for the Indy show a couple of weeks ago. Some of them are listed in my Etsy shop and on Ebay.


  1. oh my the bed is SO beautiful...what craftsmanship!

  2. You did an amazing job on the bed & I love the bedside lamps.

  3. Incredibly lovely! You do such amazing work!

  4. una escena realmente muy bonita , buen trabajo



  5. I love your furniture and you dog of course! ha-ha how did you do those floors?

  6. Perfetta ambientazione molto realistica. Mi piace il gioco di luce della lampada.
    Un caro saluto, Manu

  7. I really like this set up. I am working an a modern room too, but can never seen to find nice enough and proper modern lights. These you have are perfect though!

  8. Im sorry to hear that you wont be able to enter it but it's a great looking house and I love how you are laying it out.
    Marisa :)

  9. I hate tacky wax and use blutack instead which holds stuff up just fine, comes off easily, and doesn't tend to leave marks...

  10. yeee! my paintings! I want to live in this room, Cyd. I demand that you figure out how to shrink me! please :) Fabulous job, as always.

    Oh! Bug the crap out of me. I have some papers that I think you could use.... they suit your style. Hug, hug!

  11. Wonderful work, very realistic, well done!!