Friday, May 9, 2014

Cruising Ebay

The other day I saw that  Megan from Modern Mini Houses posted that the Citadel from Lolly's was up for auction on Ebay again, so I decided to take a look to see what other modern dollhouses might be up for auction.  

Here is what I found.

 A geodesic dome model.  This would make a really cool modern dollhouse.
An unfinished raised ranch.  However as far as I can tell, it's really just a model.   I don't see any way to open it to arrange furniture or decorate.

The rare Rundquist Summer House.  I'm in love with this one!  The thing that concerns me about this kit is that many of the pieces are made of foam core and would probably have to be remade with wood for durability and stability plus the steep $500 price tag. If it were cheaper, I'd buy it!

An unfinshed assembled adobe house.  This could also be made into a very cool modern house. I love the flat roof and simple lines.

This tiny 1/4" scale modern house kit.

This nifty sun room.

By the way the Citadel went for a measly $150, someone got a real steal! I do feel bad for the seller who had to sell it though.


  1. So many cool choices! I can't wait to see your next project.

  2. Nice finds! I've had the Rundquist on my watch list but can't justify the price, especially for foam core...

  3. The dome model is fantastic. How cool would that be to decorate!! Just miffed that there's so many brilliant houses on US Ebay that I can't have...=0(

  4. The Rundquist Summer House -- I have the measured drawings on 2 pages. Just need an address/email. It is a great design.


    1. I tried e-mailing you but it wouldn't go through.

  5. COOL! I want to do a modern house when I finish my current project. gr. AM