Saturday, April 4, 2015

All Decked Out!

So here's my entry for the Shapeways Miniature Contest.  Unfortunately, we are only allowed one photo for the entry, but here are several.

The Pouchard chairs are by Pretty Little Things, The table is by Modernminifan, The Vegetal chairs and the Octo lamp shades are by Marion Russek, I spray painted the Vegetal chairs lime green, the Pouchard chairs bright yellow and the Octo lampshades chrome to mimic the center privacy panel. The Octo lampshades are lit up with LED bulbs although you cant tell with the sunlight. I left the table white. Thanks for the opportunity to enter this contest and for Shapeways!

 I had fun doing this and will be able to use all of these things in future builds and scenes! and made me take advantage of these spring days we are finally having.


  1. Ok, I just posted a comment that disappeared. Anyway, your scene turned out great. The screens are nice. I want to slip into the tub in the night.
    Super job!

  2. Great work (and you fitted so many different styles into the one build!)

    I've just returned to my build but am making good progress today so hope to be done before the deadline...

  3. Awesome. I'm coming over with cocktails so keep that fire pit going. :D

  4. Muy bonito. Seguro que será un éxito.

  5. Looks great! I love all of the other photos. That firepit is so cool. Good luck!

  6. Can I come over and hang out? I just love the fact that it's an outdoor scene! This looks like an amazing summer party spot :) The lights and the fire pit really make it magical at night! And the little towels are such great colours, they look like the real deal too.