Sunday, June 5, 2016

How Many Projects is Too Many?

How many mini projects or even RL have you worked on at one time?  I am actively working on 5 mini projects. Not to mention that I still haven't done the floor in our laundry room that leads from the kitchen that we finished last year. Plus my husband wants to start on remodeling the kids bathroom this summer, I have several pieces of furniture I have been planning on refinishing and I need to make new cushions for our outdoor furniture.  We are also getting new windows for our house this week which means I will have to make new window treatments because some of the new windows are going to be a different configuration than what we have now. Oh, and I'm working in the office more this summer than in the past so I think I may need to eliminate at least one.

Technically these two are one project because they are part of the same build: The Citadel, but I'm counting them as two because they are different rooms.
 I've got a good grasp in the kitchen.  The main parts are done.  The oven, fridge and island are Elf Miniatures kits.  The back splash is made from aluminum flashing from the hardware store and metal laminate samples.  I made the cabinet units and the dishwasher.  The bar stool is the Pauchard stool from Pretty Small Things at Shapeways, but I ordered some other ones that I think may be better suited.  I will show you them when they arrive.

I'm loving the bathroom so far. I wanted to make everything removable so that in the future I don't have to trash anything to make a new scene in the room. I made the structure of the shower area out of foam core board so that I could make a recessed area for toiletries.  The rain shower head is of made from aluminum rod, a cover button and jewelry findings.  The ceiling light is an enlarged design from Mini Dork's AKA Modern Mini Houses's Shapeways shop. Unfortunately when I built the house the wall wasn't plumb, so I have to figure out how to disguise the untrue wall to the left.  The tile in the shower and on the floor are free laminate samples.

Project # 3 is the 2015 HBS Creatin' Contest build.  An Homage to Mad Men.  I finally got the basic office space done, but I have A LOT of accessorizing to do.  I decided not to do a replica, but to get the basic layout and vibe of Don Draper's office.My favorites are the ceiling, paneling and of course the amazing desk by Patie at Minisx2  (I miss you and your work!!!)

Mini project #4 is the 2016 Creatin' Contest which is unfortunately the project that I may be aborting.

 For the most part the only original parts that I would plan on keeping are the base and the roofing pieces.  I think this is going to be more complicated than I anticipated, plus I made some major mistakes.  If I do continue with this, I will buy another kit to combine with the original and do something more beachy.

The 5th mini project hasn't been physically addressed;  just buying items for the project: I'm  taking Area 54 gutting the inside with the exception of the rafters and making it into a modern industrial studio loft.

I'm just not going there with the real life projects.  I'm just happy I can work on any projects!



  1. Personally, I like to have a lot of projects on the go at one time because I can flit from one to the other to keep motivated. Saying that, I think your five projects is more than enough to keep anyone going for at least a year =0P

  2. Hi Cyd! I LOVE your work as well as you design esthetic! Your kitchen is Fabulous and I'm grov'in on the orange fridge, what a terrific choice! I LOVE your bathroom too. The layout of the space plus the configuration of the tub and toilet and especially your wall tiles are all Very Impressive! And although I was never a big Mad Men fan, I get the Vibe of that era Immediately!
    I am bowled over by what you have done and are doing, and can only wonder how you manage to juggle this many balls in the air and can still get your RL ones accomplished too!?
    You GO GIRL!!! :D

  3. Well, let's see....the Fairfield, Chantilly, and the English Cottage Kitchen aren't done and are gathering dust. I'm working on the 2016 Creatin' Contest kit. I have one 1/12, one 1/24 and two 1/48 kits in boxes. Sigh.

    Love the bathroom and kitchen, I'd like to have them life-sized. The office is looking fab. :D

    I understand about abandoning the contest kit, I'm feeling the time crunch already myself and it's only June. My assistant is due to give birth next month, which means I'm going to have to cover both our tasks until she's back. We're already overworked and behind deadline so have been looking for an additional person, who, at this rate, is not going to be hired and trained before the baby comes. Sigh again.

  4. Wow, you're a busy, busy woman. I love all your photos, as always. We're in the middle of renovating the new house, and I feel like I'm juggling too many plates, but that's what makes life interesting.