Saturday, August 1, 2015

Making a Splash - Creatin' Contest 20015

I started working on the pool area today.

The base is two layers of one inch construction foam.  I cut out the shape of the pool and bar area then lined them with 1/4" plywood so that there would be a nice smooth area to paint and put on the tile for the sides of the pool.

I drilled holes for the pool lights, then wired the lights between the two layers of foam.  Hint: You can buy LED lights really cheap from China on Ebay.

Then, I painted the bottom in a blight blue and papered the walls with  tile patterned scrapbook paper.

I used grommets for the lights.

 I will top it with this clear water embossed plastic that I got from Hong Hong Miniatures on Etsy.  I will install it after I make and install the bar stools for the swim up bar, but this gives you the idea of what it will look like.


Thursday, July 9, 2015

CC 2015 and Progress on the Citadel

I haven't been doing much in the world of miniatures recently.  Summer is my busy time at work in my RL.  Between work, running the kids around and all the other stuff, I just haven't had time in weeks.  I finally got to steal a little time yesterday!

Some time ago I mentioned that I was going to build a drawer to house the pool that will go with the HBS Creatin' Contest kit.  I did get the drawer built, however I didn't realize it until I was putting it together that the plywood that I used was warped from sitting around in our garage. You can see the gap at the bottom and the whole thing wobbles.  I may be able to even it our by adding some kind of feet underneath.  I'll figure something out.

 Here's the drawer open with the 2" construction foam.  I will carve the pool out of this.  I made the drawer a little bigger than the kit so that I can landscape.

#HBSCreatinContest 2015

I started on the flooring in the biggest room in the Citadel.  This is where the kitchen will be.
I cut some laminate samples from Abet Laminati into 2" x 2" pieces.  It took me six sheets of laminate.

 Once they were laid down, I wasn't happy with how they lined up.  I had hoped that they would fit together more tightly and the seams wouldn't be so obvious.

 I ended up using a little white craft paint to fill in any lines, then wiped it off just like when you grout real tile.

 Much better!

 Here is the sputnik light I made.  I made it a couple of years ago and waited for the perfect spot to put it.

This is a miniature Heywood Wakefield inspired dogbone dining set made by Jack Chastain.  Unfortunately, it only has three chairs.  I have no idea where or how to contact him to see if he can make a fourth.  Overall I think it's coming along...slowly!

Friday, May 29, 2015

Third Time's A Charm?

I had grand plans for making the accordion folding glass doors for the beach bungalow. The original plan was to make folding doors.  Well, after some trial and error I got frustrated and decided to try something else.

On to plan B...I made frames for the plexiglass.

 I put a hole at the top and bottom of each frames to insert a small dowel.

 I made tracks at the top and bottom of the opening where the ends would sit. 

 The doors would then swivel and

slide all the way to one side.

The doors wouldn't slide nicely and kept falling out of the track. I first tried making the tracks out of wood, then I thought plastic would let them slide better because it was slick.  Neither worked well so I started over. 

 This time, I used 1/4" thick plexiglass.  I cut panels and again drilled a hole at the top and bottom of the panels. This time I didn't make a track, I just drilled holes at the top and bottom of the opening frame and now the doors will swivel, but don't slide out of the way. I think it's still a cool look.

 I left the plastic on the panels so that they wouldn't get dirty.

 I added a decorative metal panel to the left.

I finished the transom type windows for the left and right sides.  They even open. I texturized the outside walls with spray wall texture from the hardware store and painted the walls a dark gray.  I still need to add trim.  Now the question still remains...Will I make it modern or mid-century modern?  I'm still working on that decision. 


Thursday, May 28, 2015

Chicago International Goods

After all this time, I'm finally getting to show you what I got at the International Show in Chicago...6 weeks ago. I bet you were wondering what I got.  I was only able to go to the show for a few hours and I managed to get to the Three Blind Mice Show for about half an hour too!  ( I drove 3 1/2 hours there and 3 1/2 hours home in the same day). I am very happy with what I got. My apologies for not keeping track of where I got everything!

 This workbench is from All Bout Miniatures
Also a little Red Ryder BB Gun and a yard stick (not pictured).

 More gorgeous hand made papers to use as art.

 A few 1:44 scale kits for a modern kit that I have and will at some point build.

 Knife, barbecue and a drafting kits.

 A little kids castle and a cutting board.

 A couple of modern shelving kits.

 A modern portable grill.

 This amazing Mid-century modern ashtray from Atomic Miniatures

And this Eames print and MCM book from PRD Miniatures.

I can't wait to use them all in some scenes and my new builds!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Minismodernas New Brick and Mortar Store

  I have some exciting news for the world of modern miniatures and dollhouse miniatures in general!

Minismodernas has just opened a new brick and mortar store of modern dollhouse miniatures in Barcelona, Spain!!    She is carrying both 1/12 scale and 1/6 scale.

Over the last year and a half or so, I have become friends with Rosa, the owner of Minismodernas the online modern miniatures shop based in Spain. (Which by the way makes me wish all of those years of high school Spanish had stayed with me). I've known about this for a little while and I should have mentioned this earlier, but Rosa's shop officially opened on May 2.

You can see more details here as I don't have any pictures of her new store.

Congratulations, Rosa.  May your new store be a booming success! 
 I am incredibly happy for you!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Creating Contest 2015 Party Beach Pad

I've made a little change in the layout of the Modern Party Beach Pad.

I decided to add one of the walls to the front so that there will be a little privacy for a bathroom.  There will be a dividing wall, but it won't go all the way to the ceiling.  This will provide room for a bathroom and storage area.  I'm going to attempt to make the upper windows so that they can tilt to open. 

I've started on the sliding / folding glass doors.  I'm making four window frames that will turn then slide from one side to another.

I've started on the frames, but I'm waiting on my order for 1/16" plexiglass.

I still haven't decided whether or not to go very modern or more mid-century Palm Springs for the interior.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

International Show Highlights

Just some highlights of some of my favorite miniature artisans at the Tom Bishop International Miniatures Show.

Kari Bloom

Ray Storey

Roomboxes Etc. / Peter Tucker

Atomic Miniature - Michael Yurkovik

Pat Hopkins Studio

PRD Miniatures

 Erik Goddard

I had an awesome time at the show.  It was nice to meet some new mini friends and put names with faces. There was a lot more modern and mid-century modern minis there.