Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Challenge

A couple of weeks ago Margaret Loves issued a challenge.  The challenge is to choose a paper that is not your usual taste or have someone else choose a paper of their liking and design a room around it.  I asked my 11 year old son to choose a paper for me that he likes.

This is the paper:

At first, he thought they were little monsters but realized they are owls.  He still likes it and I think it would be fab as a kids room.

These are few of the things I'm thinking of using in the room.

I'm going to try to make some bunk beds or a loft bed resembling this.  I would so love to have this full scale for the kids rooms and I'm sure they would love it too.  

It's supposed to be finished by the end of March...that's in 2 days.  I'm thinking I may be a little late on the deadline, but I promise to finish!

BTW: Mini Aesthetics is doing the challenge too.  Check it out!


  1. Now, see, I love this paper!!!! :D This sounds like a fun project.

  2. Your son gave you a great start. I love kids' rooms. The pieces you began with are great. If you do the bed too---W-O-W! You're a great architect of the mini so I have faith in you. (Thanks for the link love.)

  3. Finished and posted mine too!

  4. Fun Paper! Cool bed! and nice desing otherwise!