Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Young Man After My Heart

Last night my 11 year old son wanted to hang out with my in my mini area while I work on a dollhouse that I got on Craigslist (we are giving to a friend-it's not really my style).  More on that later.  He wanted to have a contest to see who could design a better room.  We would have have his little brother decide the winner.  This is what he came up with...

It really has an artistic vibe doesn't it?  Notice that nothing is where it should be?  You have got to  love  the creativity!

Abstract Art

After the furniture started falling off the walls and ceiling, he decided to make a few revisions:

He managed to make his own version of a lamp I made and wired it himself.  The spotlight is a battery operated book light.

Dinner al fresco?

This is the fab floor light I got from Minisx2 on Etsy

Then, best of all he made me this:

It's a planter box with tall grasses and he used pebble scrapbook paper for the  filler.
By the way he won the contest.  I didn't even get my room finished...