Friday, January 25, 2013

Hanging With the Big Dogs

I know that one place MJ wanted to see while she was here in Indiana is the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  Being winter here, there isn't much to see there.  So we thought it might be a good idea for her to get better acquainted with dogs.  Afterall, she is going to have a furry friend named Chester waiting to meet her when she does arrive home in Australia.

These girls are like my allies with all the testosterone in our house. 

 Getting cuddly with Katy
Katy is more like a giant 70 pound cat, she will sit or even lay on your lap if you let her.  She is in her usual spot...right in the middle of everything. She also snores.

Taking a ride on Lucy
Lucy is my baby, she follows me everywhere.  She is also deathly afraid of thunder and the air compressor.
 (dog nose and my foot in the corner, sorry!)

Alas, it's time for MJ to go on to her next stop. It was a fun visit. 

  Where will she be going? 


  1. that looks so nice! yes..good thought to get her into dogs!!So she will be off again???? guessing time again.. :) many greetings!

  2. I love dogs, and yours are very beautiful and sweet. Thanks for sharing them with us and MJ!

    Best, Neen

  3. So lovely that big dog and MJ between his paws! So MJ is going to her new hostess?
    Hugs, Ilona

  4. veo que MJ y Lucy han hecho amistad, y que se lo estan pasando bien



  5. I love Katy! Goldens are the sweetest dogs in the whole wide world! I'm sure MJ loved cuddling with her. I know I would! :D