Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Day After

OK, So the last post left many of you wondering what happened with our friend MJ and Mr. Powers...We all know Austin Powers has a way with women and by the pics...well one must assume the worst. After our conversation about her assumed behavior, she said she is planning on waiting until she is in a loving and responsible relationship.  I believe her!

Dawn, MJ and I had a nice girls only evening this evening,  We shared lots of laughs and a bit of wine.  We also watched "Bridesmaids"-- too funny! My favorite wine ironically is called "Mad Housewife"...go figure (the big bottle is mine!).  If you look closely, Dawn and MJ have some too. After a couple of glasses, we found out that Mr. Powers is actually a gentleman...believe it or not!  They just were being a little silly...and did a lot of snuggling!  He gave her an amazing massage, which she deserves after the travels she has taken,  Jet lag can be brutal!

Stay tuned!


  1. Well in lieu if you and I being together, this is great to see Dawn and MJ having a girls night along with a good bottle of Mad Housewife! Looking forward to doing it for real in April xx

  2. I'm looking forward to it too and I will bring the Mad Housewife!

  3. veo que MJ , se lo esta pasando muy bien , una noche de chicas con una buena serie y un vino mejor ,una buena forma de pasar una noche



  4. Good to party, how do I get an update on MJ's current where abouts? xoxo CM