Thursday, March 21, 2013

Citadel Update

Believe it or not, I have actually made a small amount of progress on the Citadel.  I have made just a couple of modifications to it.  I don't really plan on making any other changes though.

I thought the sliding glass doors to the outside should be in the back of the house for privacy. See to the left, there is a space for a large sliding glass door.

I turned that space into a large window by closing it up at the bottom.  It really doesn't make it look much different.  I also started on the siding.  I used traditional clapboard siding for the top 2/3 and made the slats on the bottom part out of 1/8" plywood cut down to 1/4" strips.  Cutting down the plywood is much cheaper than buying a zillion pieces of 1/4" strip wood although the strip wood would be more consistent.  The house will be painted a very gark charcoal grey.

 I decided to move the sliding glass door to the back of the house.  I just took this window down to the floor.

I think it's a good fit.

 I also wanted to make the wall to the left of the entrance into a pony wall.  I want to give it a slight midcentury modern vibe.  I will probably make the top of the short wall into a built-in planter or decorative room divider.

 Here is another view of the wall.

 Here is what it looks now that the wall is down.  It really opens it up too, not that it needed to be opened up.
The view from the left side of the house with the sliding glass door and wall down.  This will be the open concept kitchen area.

By the way, today is the last day to enter the giveaway!


  1. Interessante progetto! Sembra uguale alla realizzazione per una casa di normali dimensioni!
    Complimenti Manu

  2. I love the way we all shrink ourselves down, I agree privacy is needed, you don't want people in cars to be rubber necking when you are sunbathing! I not only shrink myself down, I send myself back time (wouldn't that be grand?)

    Once again you demonstrate your designer talent, this house is going o be amazing!

  3. veo que estas metida de lleno en la reforma de la casa , estoy deseando ver como evoluciona



  4. I really like the sliding glass patio doors, it's very modern looking and I like the open concept kitchen (I wish I had that in my own home)

    Marisa :)