Friday, January 23, 2015

UFO - Unfinished Object - Now Finished

I missed Finish it Off Friday last week. My only excuse it that I was working on a custom order and I'm sticking to it!  I suppose that means I need to finish something else this weekend to make up for it...

I have had these parts set aside to make a Heywood Wakefield Dogbone styled bed for over a year now.  I lost the headboard months ago and found it when I was cleaning and organizing my work room.

I did actually glue it together last week, but finished the bedding for it today.

I even managed to take a few minutes to make a scene.

The book case and dresser are by Pepper of Mitchymoo Miniatures, The clock is by The Shopping Sherpa, the geese are by Patie of Minisx2, the orange rug is by Miniatures by Annina,  the lamps and bed are by me, the sculpture in the corner is by my husband, the chair is Reac and the rest are Etsy and Ebay finds.


  1. I like how you styled this scene. And I love the bed/bedding, what great colors! Oh, and the lamp too...great job

  2. I really like that fabric. ( and the chair) Great job on the bed! The rooms looks great.

  3. Love the bed, and even more so with the fabulous bedding. That fabric is wonderful. Could we see a close up of the sculpture? It looks amazing.

  4. Another fantastic scene. You're amazing!

  5. Oh my goodness, the bedding! And, of course, the bed.

  6. Great job on the bed and I really love the lamp on the dresser!