Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Power Tools

Does anyone have a mini table saw or know someone who does and likes theirs?  I really want to get one, but there are very few reviews on them online. I'm looking at Proxxon and Microlux.

I bought the Mighty Mite from Harbor Freight Tools and returned it.  It was bogging down and stopping just cutting 1/8" plywood.

I'm having a little trouble getting info on these mini tools so if you have any advise, please comment!


  1. I think the Proxxon and Microlux are the same saw. I have the Proxxon tilt arbor table saw and use it a lot. I can't compare it to any other saws, but I like it. It is strong and I can get very precise cuts.
    Pete and Pam Boorum make and sell nice accessories for this saw and I think will advise you if you ask them. (http://www.smallerthanlife.com/ )

  2. I have the Proxxon FET table saw, which I think is worth the money if you plan to make a lot of miniatures. Like most tools, you get what you pay for. As Josje said, the blade tilts so you can cut miters and the table extends to increase the cutting capacity.
    I can't advise on the Micro Mark - Microlux since the company isn't well known in England.