Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Very Mod Ebay Finds

I bought this amazing Miniature Living set on Ebay.  I fell in love with it when I first saw a set in April.  I'm not sure who it is, but I've seen it on someone's blog which made me want it even more!  It all seems to be well constructed, functional and most of all very cool mid-century modern!

I would just love to have this in human size. They are still in the package and I have had this set for a few weeks.  I'm afraid to take them out as they apparently have never been removed.
Look at the detail on the table and chairs.
This pic is right side up on my computer.
They are so tiny and delicate, smaller than I thought.  I work with 1/12 scale and these are much smaller although some of them would work fine with 1/12 or 1/16.

Now, the looming question...do I "Rebay" them or not?  I'm leaning toward Ebay as the pieces I really fell in love with are the dining room pieces.  Maybe I could break up the set and make a really tiny room box for the dining room. This is such a difficult decision for me...sheesh! Sell the whole set or sell them in room groupings?


  1. If the furniture is original to the box, you should never break up the set. For a collector it will lessen the value if you break it up.
    I do see your attraction to the dining room set though, that looks really cool!

  2. I'm sure peeps would still bid for individual pieces. Like you, they may just like one item rather than the whole set.

    I really dig the dining room set =0)

  3. Es una buena compra, un juego de comedor al que le puedes sacar mucho juego
    besitos ascension

  4. You may have seen it on Callsmall, but I do recall seeing them somewhere else. Here are Callsmall's posts if you want more info on the pieces.



    mini smiles,

  5. I thought it was call of the small...she has the best stuff!

  6. Very nice furniture. I have never seen another set of them......

  7. i'm a fan of whole sets, though i'm not sure how such things go, i.e. better value individually or as a set?

    i hope that some day when i have enough $ (HA!) these sets will still be around.....XD

  8. ..I do see your attraction to the dining room set ,it looks really cool!
    ..For a collector it will lessen the value if you break it up.
    ..nice post!

    *_* nEnEng *_*
    Buy and Sell