Monday, November 28, 2011

Retro Renovation

Just when I think I'm nearing completion of the Atomic Bungalow...(which it has to be done before December 15th) What do I do?  Start cutting things up and renovating that's what. ;-)

My husband said he was surprised that I didn't open up the doorway between the rooms...I thought "He's right, I should open it up" I did at least a little bit.

This is from the other side.
This is the plan, unfortunately I may have to find something else to fill in the space.  I cut the bases off of these pieces and now the opening is too tall...I'll figure something out.  I love this orange herringbone paper!

I'm also giving these kitchen pieces a bit of a facelift.  I cut apart the longer set of cabinets and made some wall mounted ones and sanded and veneered them along with the blue wall oven.

Here they are in their current state.  I still need to do a little more work on them.  Any suggestions on how to mount the upper cabinets on the wall?

I made this little sputnik lamp, but I think it needs to be gold to better suit the era.  I also made the table using an AG minis table as the base.

A sneak peek.  I just got the fabtastic sofa from Minimodernistas. She got it to me really quick!

Last, but not my little friend the mini cut off saw.  It makes cutting trim a breeze and makes great little angle cuts.  The only issue I have is that it will only cut wood up to 1/2" wide.  I wish it was 1".  I got it at Harbor Freight Tools.  They always have 20% off coupons, so it was only $20.00.


  1. your work is amazing! I'm totally loving your sputnik lamp! Great job!

  2. I love the room divider! Could you use thin strip wood to fill in and hold the decorative pieces in place? It really does work so well for the space.

  3. ..nice photos
    ..great blog!
    ..I think I'm nearing completion of the Atomic Bungalow..

    *_* nEnEng *_*
    Buy and Sell