Tuesday, January 24, 2012

For Sale on E-bay---Spread the word!

I have decided to sell one of my houses on E-bay.  I love this house.  It's the first one I have designed and built.  I'm simply at capacity and have no more room.  I'm going to start making modern mini furniture and accessories.  Look for my Etsy store to open in the next couple of weeks.

All the doors and windows are custom made.

The angled balcony wraps around the side of the house. See the block walls?

All wallpaper and flooring is included, but the house comes unfurnished.  The stairs are removable.

Cable, wood and aluminum stair rail.

It's listed as pick up only  in Carmel, IN.  If anyone is seriously interested in having it shipped, let me know.  It wouldn't be cheap!

I want to give a HUGE thank you to Modern Mini Houses and Manor Minis and More for mentioning the house on their blogs.  ;-)  You rock!

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  1. I love the detailed interior pics. Where or where did you get that bathroom set? I love the boxy shape. That aluminum stair rail is gorgeous, great work. LOVE IT!