Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Something New

I love modern minis but I just don't have the cash flow to buy what I like from some of the mini modern artisans out there, although I have purchased a thing or two that I could afford.  A pouf and a Dwell magazine from PRD (because I don't know how to knit), some small items like faucets and the like from Elf Miniatures, a sofa from Minimodernistas and a table and cardboard deer head from Amazing Miniatures.  Other than that I have mostly been buying vintage items on Ebay.

So, I thought I could start making a few things of my own.  I broke down and bought a good mini table saw.  It's awesone!  I highly recommend it!

Here is what I made last week:
With the table saw, I was finally able to make some accurate cuts and able to make grooves for the doors to slide on.  It took a little longer than I expected but I think it turned out pretty well.  The taps are from Elf Miniatures.

I really like how the counter top turned out.
With any luck, I will carve out some time to make something else in the next week or so. ;-)


  1. Well done you! What a great design. I really like the contrasting counter top too =0)

  2. Beautiful work, gorgeous!

  3. Groovy...one might say. So cool looking.

  4. This is a very nifty piece! I am curious about what table saw you purchased.It would be nice to get more precise cuts than I get with an x-acto saw or utility nice.

  5. very nice - ever notice that mods are seldom 'cute' more cool, amazing and fun


  6. You're right! LOL! They're generally not "cute".

    The saw I got is a Proxxon FKS/E. It was a little more expensive, even though I got it as a demo on Ebay. I tried a cheap one and it just...well...sucked. They do have a less expensive one I think it's the 115 that seems like it would be really good too. I chose this one because it has the tilting blade which will make it very east to do angles.

  7. Great job. Thanks for the details on the table saw. I'm looking to get one, but have a fear of power tool commitment. :P

  8. Awesome! Where did you get the sinks? Did you make those as well?

  9. No, I didn't make the sinks. They are square dishes.