Saturday, January 14, 2012

On a Quest

I have been on a quest to find a few things.  Just a few months ago, I found them on the Minimum World web site and occasionally on Ebay.  Why didn't I buy them when I saw them?  Good question! Lesson learned...if you like it buy it, it may not be there next time you look.  ;-) These are the things I am looking for.
The entertainment unit.

I'm looking for the white modern kitchen set. 

The light wood shelving unit.

If anyone knows where I can get these pieces, please let me know.  I would really appreciate it!  They are so versatile.  I'm guessing they might be made by Streets Ahead or Aztec, but I don't know for sure.

I borrowed the pics of the shelving unit and the entertainment center from another blog.  I hope she doesn't mind.  If you see this, please let me know if you would like me to take them down and I certainly will.


  1. The entertainment unit in the first photo --> if you go to eBay's dollhouse mini section, type "modern", and on the left side of screen (under the section titled "under location") select "worldwide", that unit tends to appear in the search results. Granted, it's overseas, but you might get lucky bundling a bunch of minis from a single vendor.

    The lightwood shelving unit used to be sold by the Dollhouse Emporium in the UK (or via for us US customers). They no longer carry though -- I had one, but sold it alongside one of hte dollhouse kits I built and ended up selling.

  2. DHE still sells the other white and dark brown book shelves, plus a few other ones. That won was really great, I was sad they discontinued it.

    You might want to check out my directory listing for other modern miniature sellers, you may find some great substitutes.

    I've seen that kitchen a lot, just can't remember where. I'll try to find it and send you a link.


  3. Hi, I see the kithen on Ebay UK regularly, I have it myself. However I can't see it listed at present, sorry.