Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Little MCM

I purchased this set several months ago and had not done anyting with it not to mention the fact that I need to make room in my work space to make more minis.  So I decided to go ahead and sell it on Ebay.  Before I sent it, I decided to make a little scene with it. By the way, the winner of this set was Bea who also won the first giveaway drawing.

I did the scene in the Atomic Bungalow where the kitchen was.  I'm really not a fan of pink, but I just love the lines of this furniture.  Maybe I will try to make something like it in wood.

Having a TV in the bedroom was a true luxury...

I'm starting to think that I was born in the wrong decade.  The more I do midcentury modern, the more I love it!  Maybe it's all the danish modern my parents had when I was little.

The vanity chair and lamp are vintage Petite Princess, the night stand lamps are AG Minis, the pillows and bedding are by me, the rest of the accessories and art work are Re-ment, Ebay finds and hobby store finds.


  1. I love this setting. I love the little desk by the window.
    Hugs Maria

  2. No wonder it was sold. It looks so nice.
    Hugs, Drora

  3. Yep! I snapped that right up on ebay! Only to find out it was from you. Too funny! Not sure if I will use it as is or fiddle around with it. Right now, I'm focus on my Emerson which is 3/4", so it will have to wait a bit. Your pics look awesome. Love that clear chair! Bea

  4. You always get these settings just right. We sell real mid-century furniture and accessories and couldn't arrange a better space.

  5. Very nice scene! I have the same problem as yours: cleaning up the workspace :( but it has to be done! Now I can start another project and that's a lot of fun ;).
    Greetings, Ilona

  6. This scene is fab! I'm glad you were born in the right decade so you're able to share these great rooms. ;)
    Love it.