Sunday, March 29, 2015

Nothing Like Waiting Until the Last Minute

I've decided to enter the Shapeways miniature contest.  If you are interested in entering here is the info.  The entry deadline is April 10.

I feel like there isn't much time since I decided to do a small build to go with it. 

When I bought the Citadel off of Ebay a few years ago, it came with a deck and hot tub kit.  I decided it do an outdoor scene using this kit seeing that spring seems to be taking a very long time to show up.

 This is the picture off of the kit box.  It's made by Betty's 
Wooden Miniatures in Chicago, which has been out of business for some time.

 Before painting.

 I painted it with a burnt sienna then went over it with a cinnamon apple to make it look more like redwood.  I'ts hard to see the variation in this picture. It still needs a lot of touch up.

 These are the privacy panels.  I decided to make the center panel little different than the one in the kit.

 I just made the frame then matched up and glued two of these little laser cut pieces that I found at Michael's to the back.

 My plan is to do a table and chairs and make a bar with bar stools.  I wanted to use these chairs, but I think they will take up too much room and not leave enough space for the bar.  They are more interesting though. I'm going to add some little lanterns and outdoor lights to the panels.

I may switch to these chairs instead because they're a little smaller.  


  1. What a great kit! Love your version of the privacy panel.

  2. Fun stuff! :D I've always liked that deck kit.

  3. I'm trying to be neutral, being a judge an all, but I'm really happy you've decided to enter =0D

  4. Yay!!! I can't wait to see the finished photos. Great start!

  5. me encanta los cambios que estas haciendo en ese kit, creo que es mas divertido que montarlos tal como explican las instrucciones ,les da mas personalidad



  6. Love the hot tub kit. Can't wait to see the final build!